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Fall is arriving and temperature changes can cause water heaters to fail. Don’t get caught in the cold! $100 off a new water heater installation or $50 off water heater tune-up.

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Both of my projects, replacing the hot water heater and the sump pump, were handled in a timely manner, the service was efficient and courteous. I won’t hesitate to refer Highwater Plumbing and Heating to others, and will work with them on future projects.

Irene R.-Denver

John inspected a water heater for me last summer and gave the homeowner I worked with excellent service. He’s  very honest and doesn’t build up fear just to increase  the bill. I’m sorry I forgot to post this sooner, but I remembered when I ran into him last week.

John D.-Denver, CO

How Can We Help?

Highwater Plumbing and Heating is your water heater service and repair expert.

At Highwater Plumbing and Heating we will help you decide what kind of water heater you need – tank or tankless. Tank water heaters hold a certain volume of water at a preset temperature – usually between 120 and 130 degrees. When you turn on a hot water tap, water is pulled from the tank and replaced with cold water that is then heated. Tankless water heaters are different in that they only heat the water when you need it. This can save quite a bit of money in operational costs over time, though installation can cost more.

If you select a tank water heater, you must also decide whether you want gas or electric as the heating source. This will depend mostly on what options you have in your home, though there are some benefits to both models depending on your budget.

Water Heater Installation Process in Denver

Once you’ve selected a water heater, it’s time to have it installed. For tank water heaters, removal of an old unit and installation of a new one takes just a few hours and can be done with minimal interruption to your daily routine. For tankless models or renovations to your existing water heater supply lines, such as if you are switching between gas and electric energy sources, it can take between 8 to 12 hours for installation.

Whatever your Denver-Metro water heater installation needs are, now is the time to call Highwater Plumbing and Heating.

We offer comprehensive water heater installation services for homeowners and/or companies throughout the region and can ensure you have the capacity you need at the budget you can afford.

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