Gas Line Installation & Repair:
Many people prefer cooking with natural gas but don’t have gas lines set up in their home. We can run new gas lines so you can:

Install a new barbeque grill in your backyard
Move your existing grill to a new location
Convert your kitchen stove to gas
Convert or move gas lines to water heaters, appliances, and washers and dryers.

Highwater Plumbing & Heating will install a gas supply line to any gas fired appliance in your home, to interior gas fireplaces and exterior fire pits or barbeques.

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Gas Leaks & Repairs:
Gas leaks have proven to be especially dangerous. If detected early, the leak can be sealed and repaired. The best way of detecting a gas leak is through your nose. A common sign of a gas leak is a bad, rotten egg smell that fills your house. If you detect a problem:

Do not turn on or turn off electrical switches, simply leave the home immediately. Avoid using any electric appliances such as garage door openers or telephones of any type.

Do not start up or shut down motor vehicles or any other electrical equipment near the structure where the suspected gas leak is.

Under no circumstance strike a match.

Avoid all open flames or other ignition sources.

Move to a safe distance away from the structure.

Call Xcel Energy at 1-800-895-2999 or 911 in an emergency.

Stay away until Xcel Energy or the emergency responders have told you that it is safe to return to the home. Excel does not repair gas leaks in your home, if you suspect a gas leak in your home please follow Excel Energy’s Natural Gas Safety, then call Highwater Plumbing & Heating Plumbing to make the required repairs., The repair may be as simple as tightening a lose valve, but further leak detection should be done in to make sure there are no damages pipes or other points of leakage.

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